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“Integrated” seems to be marketing’s latest buzzword, and is taking the industry by storm.  In the digital media saturated world that we live (and make a living) in, the need to utilize multiple channels for message distribution and brand awareness is quickly becoming a set in stone reality. Integrated marketing is here to stay.

Today’s push for public relations and marketing teams to craft integrated campaigns is a “best practice” consequence of a changing media environment— the digital and social evolution of communication channels and message distribution platforms.  In the past year, our team has made a decisive shift towards increasing the reach of our marketing services with a focus on the resurgence of direct mail and the addition of social media support services, content management, copywriting and specialized media placement services.

Here at HMA, this strategy is nothing new, and the word “integrated” has been synonymous with our take on marketing for nearly 30 years.

We talk integrated programs at the HMA office often, and our marketing approach centers on an often overlooked marketing component: Data. We view integrating data intelligence with marketing as the key to delivering top notch, creative and measurable increase-in-revenue results for our clients. Our data management program allows us to uncover trends in our clients’ data and employ this information to further segment audiences. This ensures we are serving the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Brands are only selling themselves short when they communicate to their audiences through only one medium, or when they use the same message to reach different targets.

We view a marketing multi-pronged approach as vital to maximize reach in today’s messy media space, but our vision of a truly integrated program is and always has been tethered to the power of data.