As hospitality marketing professionals, we work at the intersection of creative, marketing and data.  Within these segments there are a slew of trends and technologies that affect how our strategies and products evolve to best serve our clients. It can be challenging to stay ahead of the trends that affect each of HMA’s departments- in addition to developments that affect the hospitality industry as a whole.

HFTP’s annual HITEC conference is an epicenter for new ideas, disruptions and trends that affect the business of hospitality. Our very own Bryn Tyler, Production Manager and MIS Director extraordinaire, headed to the Big Easy June 20-23rd to attend the Conference. 2016 was a banner year for the event with more attendees and vendors than ever- and in lieu of a lengthy conference recap we opted to share his top 2  HITEC “Trending Topics.”

  1. Navigating Guest Engagement

“Engagement” continues to be a buzzword that dominates our industry. With social media’s unrelenting relevance, conversations that used to take place between management and guests in the hotel lobby are now taking place in online social spaces. Real time feedback can be detrimental to consumer perception of a property if not responded to authentically and in a timely manner. Because of this, owners, GMs and marketers are all seeking new ways of reaching, responding and engaging in credibility- building, two- way conversations with consumers. Another industry hot topic: let consumers tell your story through their own content.

  1. Data Means People

The opening keynote “Making Data More Human” presented by Jer Thorp offered a hard reminder that while data are numbers, those numbers are people. As Big Data becomes a household name across industries and the amount of data businesses are aggregating increases, it is easy to become caught up the craze. Here at HMA, this idea of “humanizing data” has long been at the heart of our marketing strategies and our approach to data collection. Not only do we work with data lists manually to customize them, but we engage our clients at the front desk level to promote good data collection habits with quarterly team report cards.

We were proud and excited to find that our continuous efforts to keep up on industry trends have paid off.  Many themes that dominated the conversation at HITEC, we have evaluated and synthesized into our approach as HMA has grown over the past few years. Not only are we aware of new technology and trends, but our team strives to position ourselves (and our clients!) ahead of the curve by taking these developments a step further and integrating them into our products and programs.