While HMA’s investment in Direct Mail may be rooted in our company’s history (we have operated a home office mail house since 1983), our sights are firmly set on what it can continue to do for our clients in the future.

Since the introduction of the email in-box HMA has witnessed the direct mail budget allocation pendulum swing from a high to a low, then back again. Today’s email in-boxes are full — and we see the marketing pendulum returning to center and bringing in huge profits to those companies who are using their data in a relevant way to reach their consumers.

Introducing a direct mail component to marketing plans actualizes our desire to provide our clients with an integrated approach, and contrary to popular belief, we know direct mail continues to be a strategic avenue for reaching our client’s target consumers and producing key revenue.

Here at HMA, we generally don’t take no for an answer. If we discover that your clients are not opening your emails, we’ll work with you to hit them with a signature postcard or brochure instead. Here are four reasons to revive your direct mail efforts in the age of inbox overload.

1. Specifically Targets Consumers Who Do Not Open Their Email

Our rigorous approach to analytics and reporting in our clients’ digital campaigns allows us to determine which customers are not opening their emails- so we can target them directly with mail instead.

Why waste time and money trying to reach consumers through your email platform when they are consistently non- responsive?

2. Tap Into the Millennial Market

The millennial relationship with the travel industry has been a hot topic in recent months. The generation’s enthusiasm for the sharing economy and start-up endeavors has left hospitality marketers scratching their heads at the right methods to reach the millennial market. Despite the generation’s association with all-things- digital, at HMA we have found that engagement from direct mail campaigns is the consistently high among the younger generation.

This trend of millennials responding to direct mail is present across industries. The relatively new retail trend of “subscription boxes” and the uptick in young consumers opening their mail, points to the reality of companies distributing their brand message through direct mail, and their audience listening.

Digital overload has resulted in popularity for simplicity, and Direct Mail has become a refreshing novelty, appealing to the millennial market.

3. Talk to your Best Customers in a Better Way

Ask yourself what your customers are thinking when they receive your weekly, monthly & quarterly scheduled emails? While it is important to send your subscribers standardized “news, updates & offers”, do not under-estimate the power of surprising your most valued clients with something different. Take the time to identify and develop a segmented direct mail approach to reach the top 10-20% of your customer base who drive the most profits for your company. They will spend more, and you will drive unprecedented customer loyalty.

4. The World Has Become Visual – Expert Design Makes the Difference

Stronger visual impact and storytelling in a personable medium all contribute to the longer shelf life appeal of direct mail. Another one of our best practices; eliminate the envelope, your message is now even harder to ignore!

Consider the possibilities and re-think your customer approach to drive new revenue. In our data & digitally oriented society marketing has become more complicated. At HMA, we use a signature approach to data segmentation and crafting enticing promotions, while at the same time providing our customers with a support team who takes the complexity out of running a successful marketing program with the promise of increased ROI.