Insightful and impactful campaigns for boutique hotels

There’s no simple definition of what a boutique hotel is—and that’s the point. Boutique hotels like yours are as different from the big boxes as they are from each other. You exist on the leading edge of hospitality, constantly striving to reinvent the guest experience, up the personalization factor and empower moments of wonder and awe. And it’s important to extend the same amount of imagination and intuition to your guest communications.

That’s where we come in

HMA builds customized, fully integrated data solutions and high-impact creative that can make your marketing campaigns as distinctive and nimble as your property. Take your customer relationships to the next level with our affordable and efficient marketing programs, which can be up and running quickly.


Dynamic communications that differentiate

We provide you with the flexibility to choose the services you need and want . Select from a myriad of tested and proven customizable email and direct mail programs to create marketing communications that are uniquely yours, from delivery and timing to look and messaging.

An HMA partnership opens up the possibility to do more:

    • Increase your guest segmentation capabilities so you can deliver relevant offers to the right people, at the right time, in the right way
    • Drive customer engagement, open rates and booking conversion
    • Identify your VIP guests and know when they’re coming to your property
    • Lift some of the marketing burden off your very busy team


But you don’t have to go it alone

With our all-inclusive solution, our agile team becomes an extension of your team to support, respond and adapt to your changing needs. Your dedicated HMA Account Manager leverages the best of our joint teams with a single objective in mind: to streamline your marketing efforts and drive unprecedented revenue for your property.


Stylish and spirited

Your brand is more than a tagline or website. It’s what makes your hotel exceptional, from your Instagram-worthy lobby and charming staff to your delightful amenities and cooler-than-cool location. It’s the way you make your guests feel, from the moment they book their stay through the tales they tell when they get home from their trip.

From refreshing your branding to completing a full overhaul, our creative team brings industry insight, strategy and imagination together to help you tell your story with energy and enthusiasm across all mediums.